Mindfulness & Coping Skills

"Mindfulness is the prerequisite for change." Katie Egge


So often our minds are in the past (i.e. regretting something that happened) or the future (i.e. worrying about what could happen) that we miss what’s happening in the present. This robs us of our ability to feel in control, which can make it difficult to relax, cope, or experience positive emotions! Practicing mindfulness helps us be more present, and is the prerequisite for creating opportunities for us to make changes with how we feel about ourselves, handle emotions, apply coping skills, and engage with others.  

Coping Skills

Effective coping skills are not something that we magically learn simply because we grow older; they have to be explicitly taught and modeled daily. Unfortunately, there are not many avenues through which to learn effective coping skills as we grow up as our society tends to focus on other aspects of humanity (academics/career, achievements, etc). However, studies show that being able to cope effectively with our emotions not only supports, but enables us to further our pursuits in all aspects of our life. Therefore it is vital to our overall well-being to learn and use coping skills.