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Couples Therapy


We can all agree on one thing: relationships are hard! With all the different factors that can cause problems in a relationship (even your cell phone!), it's no wonder couples need help from time to time. I love working with couples on issues such as communication, conflict resolution, re-establishing connection/trust, trauma concerns, and parenting struggles.


Premarital counseling can be a highly effective and fun (yes, fun!) way to begin your life together as it provides space to assess for current and potential barriers that could strain your relationship before unhealthy patterns take root. It can also help you identify what is working well and, more importantly, keep it that way!


According to John Gottmann, a leading relationship expert, one of the biggest reasons for divorce/separation/unhappy relationships is emotional distance. This can come about in multiple ways, such as life transitions, unresolved and repetitive arguments, an affair, feeling unheard and disrespected, personality differences (one's introverted and the other is extroverted), clashing viewpoints on how to raise kids, the list goes on. Couples therapy is an opportunity for both partners to be heard, grow, heal, and practice new ways to re-connect or clarify the decision to uncouple.