Katie Egge Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Couples Counseling Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota
I love sharing my knowledge and experience (through psychoeducation) with others, which is a unique and highly beneficial component I bring into therapy.
— Katie Egge, LMFT


  • M.A. Marriage and Family Therapy / St. Mary's University

  • B.A. Music / Augsburg College

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

  • Prepare/Enrich

  • Registered Yoga Teacher

  • International Assoc. of Trauma Professionals

  • EMDR Trained


My story: I grew up in small town MN and moved to the big city for college determined to become a music therapist. After realizing music therapy was not for me, I set out traveling the world and gaining as many different experiences as possible. Highlights include: teaching English and music in South Korea, celebrating Lunar New Year in China, and obtaining my yoga teacher certification. On this journey my natural curiosity about others' stories was strengthened, along with my inclination toward conversations that centered on helping them recognize their innate strengths and better understand their situations to reach goals toward healing and intentional living. As a result, I went back to school and received my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2011.

I am a lifelong learner and love geeking out over any resource related to human development, relationships, and the brain. I also love sharing my knowledge and experience (through psychoeducation) with others, which is a unique and highly beneficial component I bring into therapy. People who come in for therapy are often looking for more than just a validating presence; they want to see change! Learning more about human development (i.e. how our relationship with our parents can impact current relationships, or why our brain makes us act in ways that are opposite of what we want) and implementing aspects of mindfulness can help increase understanding and reduce self-judgment, and ultimately lead to acceptance and the changes we want to see.

When not at the office, I thoroughly enjoy reading, eating, DIY-ing, being a mother, and salsa dancing with my husband.

Types of clients I see: I specialize in couples therapy (including premarital), and individuals ages 14+ who are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, parenting, and trauma-related concerns. I also specialize in working with those who have experienced emotional neglect.

What you can expect when working with me: Humans are complex beings consisting of many intricate parts; integration of these parts is the key to wellness as this enables each part to effectively carry out their individual job and work together as a whole. Therefore, I look at all aspects of a person (i.e. past/present relationships, sleep, physical health, etc.) in order to get a complete picture of what is going on and identify tangible ways to address concerns. Pyschoeducation is a big part of what I offer to clients and is what sets me apart from other therapists. I also incorporate mindfulness as this helps increase our ability to effectively apply our knowledge and skills in order to make changes in our lives. As a therapist, I tend to be direct and will, at times, guide discussion, ask challenging questions, assign tasks, and push you to help you achieve your goals. That said, effective therapy requires us working together, so I welcome feedback regarding how your therapy is going so we can make adjustments if necessary; I want you to not only feel heard and cared for, but to also get something out of the time, energy and money you are putting into it.

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